Sticky Book Drive Success!

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We value education and our community here at Sticky. By linking these two loves, our community helped us by bring in new and used books. We are proud to announce we have donated over 150 books to the Ypsilanti Public Library!!!!! During the past couple months Sticky has been holding a book drive dedicated to the youth in our community.

Sticky believes that if we dedicate ourselves to being positive role models, our communities and neighbors will begin to accept us instead of being weary of us. The judgment of medical cannabis will be revolutionized, and the reputation linked will be banished. By donating books, Ypsilanti Public Library will be able to run informative programs. Helping our local library will also help children and families in our community.

On Friday, October 25th 2013 from 5pm to 6pm, while you’re enjoying Halloween downtown, and drop by the Library Plaza to pick up a bag of popcorn, play a game, or win a book in the library plaza. Visit the Boo! Mobile for fun give-aways in the parking lot behind the Library Plaza. For more information, please visit

Thank you very much for all of the patients, caregivers friends and family who helped make this possible. We appreciate you very much.

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