Are you accepting new members? Yes! Sticky is currently accepting new members, but only during certain hours:
Sunday and Monday all day.
Tuesday – Saturday from 11-5

Thanks for your understanding. See you soon.

What do I need to bring when I come to register at the Sticky? Patients need a valid Michigan Patient or Caregiver Identification Card and either a Michigan State License or Identification Card.

Are you currently accepting overages? Yes, Legal Michigan card holding caregivers are always welcome to bring overages to Sticky. All marijuana that comes through our doors must be tested for impurities and potency.

Can I bring in marijuana in to be tested? Yes, you may drop off one gram and $35 for the testing fee. Testing is done through Iron Labs.

I have a recommendation from another state. Can I become a Sticky member?   Only patients and caregivers registered with the Michigan Department of Health and in possession of a current Michigan Medical Marihuana Patient Card or Caregiver Card.

How do I know what medicine to purchase for my condition? Our qualified staff will work closely with each patient to determine the strain or type of medicine that is best suited for your treatment.

How can I find out what you have? Do you have a menu? Sticky has a live current and up to date menu that can be viewed at http://www.stickyypsi.com/menu/ If we don’t have something specific that you are looking for, we will gladly make a special order for you to help full your specific request.

Are there any discounts offered on medicine? Discounts are available to veterans, seniors, disabled and students. We strive to always have affordable medicine on our shelf for all of our patients. Sticky also offers weekly specials and a loyalty reward program to all members.

For more information please call 734-879-1204.


To access the FAQ for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program, please follow link below.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Program FAQ