“Above all else I will serve the highest interests of my patients through the practice of holistic science and the art of cannabis… I will be an advocate for patients in need and strive for justice in the care of the sick…” Sticky Hippocratic Oath

About Sticky

Sticky is a compassion center pursuing to arrange access to, education and information regarding holistic healing and the wholesome use of marijuana for medical purposes for approved patients in the state of Michigan. Sticky is a nonprofit organization that provides Michigan patients in need with safe access to high quality medicine, wellness services and educational resources.

Sticky operates in full compliance with the law, and maintains the highest standards of professional operation to truly serve the needs of our members. All members must be valid state-registered medical marijuana patients. Proper documentations and identification are required for membership.

Sticky Commitments

*Maintain a physical environment and organizational culture where all are treated with respect, compassion and care.
*Be a good neighbor to local residents and businesses by engaging community leaders and citizen groups as a responsible service provider.
*Provide licensed patients with alternative health resources in a professional and compassionate environment.
*Educate our members on the proper and responsible use of medical cannabis.
*Serve our community, both patients and non-patients alike, through charitable community events and services.