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Sticky places a high emphasis on quality medicine and education—providing ample information to help members choose items appropriately and understand how to use them effectively and responsibly. There are many different ways to administer cannabis, an educated collective of professional consultants research and develop innovative plans for each member.  Each member is educated with an ability to understand medical cannabis. Sticky feels it is important to track member’s reactions to each medicine recommended to improve the quality of life of every member.

Sticky Members Receive:

*Medicinal Herb with an herbal medicine consultation

*High Grade Lab Tested Medicine

*Counseling services focusing on proper medication practices


In a landmark decision issued Friday February 8, 2013, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that patients who transfer marijuana to other patients are not entitled to immunity under the law.  According to the court, since the transfer is not for the transferring patient’s medical benefit — only the receiving patient’s — the transferring patient is not entitled to immunity.

The decision is being reported as prohibiting dispensaries, which comes as a disappointment to patients who rely on them.  Many patients do not have the space, skills, or mobility to grow their own.  Given federal law and opposition from so many state officials, it is hard for some patients to find a caregiver willing to grow it for them.

Fortunately, Rep. Mike Callton plans to introduce legislation that would recognize and regulate dispensaries in cities that choose to allow them.  Attorney General Bill Schuette has already announced plans to use the McQueen decision to close down dispensaries throughout the state.  Please ask your legislator to support dispensary legislation and improve patient access!


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Voice your support and urge your representative to support the “Local Option Dispensary Bill”.

For more information on advocacy and patient rights, come in to Sticky to be a part of our letter writing campaign.

To access additional advocacy information:

Tell Congress: Protect State Marijuana Reform Laws

National Patients Rights Association

Marijuana Policy Project

Americans for Safe Access

Join us now by letting them know that WE, as suffering patients need SAFE ACCESS, and deserve the right to make informed decisions about OUR OWN medical treatment in a lawful manner.